Historical Video Vignettes

I. Our first story is about Arthur McCurdy who moved from Baddeck Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island, purchased land on top of the Malahat and built a log home. The home is still there and his granddaughter, Jane Shapley, tells the story about Arthur’s amazing life.

II. Our second story is told by Alan Chatterton of the Dougan family. His great grandfather came to the valley in 1868 and was one of the first European settlers.

III. In our third historical video vignette introduced by Major MacFarlane we will show a story about Cobble Hill.

IV. Mill Bay and The Garnett Family – Our next story is about the Garnett Family, one of the first  families in our Valley. Stephen Garnett is telling the story about the tough life his great Grandfather had. We have again Major McFarlane introducing the story.


V. This week another story on Arthur McCurdy and the first plane to fly in Canada The story about the Silver Dart. A special thanks to the Alexander Bell Museum in Baddeck Nova Scotia.

VI. The purpose of the Bamberton Historical society is to gather and preserve all historical materials pertaining to the history of Bamberton. It is our goal to make these historical materials accessible to the general public for the purposes of education and preservation of local history.

VII. Arthur McCurdy and the Victoria National Geographic society was instrumental in creating The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, in Victoria. Again we have Major McFarlane introducing this story with Arthur McCurdy’s Grand Daughter Jane Shapley.

VIII. Today we will show a story (series of Historical video vignettes) about “The Dougan Cemetery”

IX. Today we will show the story “Building Mill Bay” (series of Historical video vignettes)

X. Today we will show the story “Arthur McCurdy Inventor” (series of Historical video vignettes)

XI. Today we will show the story “Lesley Bonner” (series of Historical video vignettes)

XII. Today we will show the story “A Forest Poem” (series of Historical video vignettes)

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