Located 2851 Church Way, Mill Bay

Opening Sundays starting March 13, 2022

The Heritage Museum – Opening Sundays starting March 13, 2022 – The Heritage Museum’s ‘Times They Are A-Changing Exhibit’, is an opportunity to relive your memories. See the changes that time has created in our lives.
Remember Rock and Roll, The 50’s Diner, a rotary phone, the school strap and don’t forget the ‘Out House’.
Play the ‘GUESS THE OBJECT GAME’, it’s fun for the whole family.
See all this and more from 11:00 to 3:00 Sundays at the Heritage Museum, 2851 Church Way, in Mill Bay

XII. Today we will show the story “A Forest Poem” (series of Historical video vignettes)


The Heritage Museum

Come See Our New Exhibit!

‘The Times They Are A Changing Exhibit’ is definitely

a trip down memory lane.

Each of the displays are time capsule glimpses of how things used to be.


  • a rotary telephone
  • a polaroid camera
  • Rock and Roll music
  • GI Joe action figures


Want to Help Make History Come Alive? Please join us in our efforts to preserve and celebrate the history of our local community. Do so while meeting new people and having some fun!
Contact Bamberton Historical Society, Cobble Hill Historical Society or Mill Bay – Malahat Historical Society .

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The Bamberton, Cobble Hill, and Mill Bay Malahat Historical Societies formed the Heritage Museum Partnership in early 2017 and worked toward creating a museum from the small white church (formerly Mill Bay United) in Mill Bay. The building and its grounds, complete with a cemetery on the north and south sides, became a South Cowichan Park in 2007, after being donated by the United Church. To bring the property to a standard for public use, the Cowichan Valley Regional District carried out major repairs and upgrades.


The Partnership leased the building from the Cowichan Valley Regional District in 2017, and with the assistance of a BC Canada 150 Grant from the provincial government, has been able to complete the extensive renovations needed to provide a home for local artifacts to be exhibited, and community history to be discovered.

May 28, 12 years ago

It was on this day, May 28, 12 years ago that the former United Church was saved and declared a CVRD heritage asset!

“Kim is the village atheist who saved the village historical church and had it declared a heritage site….see, we do good stuff!!”
‘I had gotten word from my friend at the CVRD that it was all a done deal with acquiring the property…it took two weeks from the time I brought it to their attention to having an agreement with the United Church. They wanted to sell the land and move the church off it. I pointed out that it is illegal to sell a cemetery in Canada, an active one at that. And since the CVRD had allowed every other piece of Mill Bay history fall by the wayside, it would be the least they could do to declare it a heritage site and move the Mill Bay museum move in there.’
(Kim Harrison) And that is how the Heritage Museum came to be!

Get Involved

Step back in time to 1919-1929, The Roaring Decade and discover what life was like 100 years ago. This all new exhibit, which includes humorous figures from the Good Old Daze Festival, showcases the economic boom, flapper fashions, rum running and other fascinating events that occurred in this area during the ‘Roaring Twenties’. Bring the whole family, there are activities for all ages with prizes for the kids.

Northbound on Hwy. 1:

Drive past Mill Bay Centre and past the turn-off to Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd. Turn right at the next signal onto Kilmalu Rd. and then immediately right again onto Church Way. The museum is at the end of Church Way.

Southbound on Hwy. 1:

Drive past Hutchinson Rd. and when you get to the Laughing Llama store before the next signal, get in the left turn lane. Turn left onto Kilmalu Rd. and immediately right onto Church Way. Park at the end of Church Way.



2851 Church Way

Mill Bay

BC V0R 2P2

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